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Who we are

Arley Hall stands on the same site as the first house built by the family in 1469, and is situated at the very heart of the Estate overlooking the famous Gardens and beautifully landscaped Park. Arley Hall is still a home to the Ashbrook family who have made their home at the Hall since the fifteenth century. The Hall itself is a beautiful example of a country house, set in elaborate gardens that stretch over eight acres. The gardens are the work of 250 years and combine traditional design with modern ideas. Arley Hall run two specialist workshops aimed at children in Key Stages One and Two. The first is a ‘Seed Planting Day’, where children can take in a tour of the hall and then go out into the grounds to learn about the gardens and plant their own seed, learning about what can be planted at what time of year in the garden. There is also a Viking themed day where a costumes guide will take the children on a tour of the property and grounds and engage in creative activities. Your first visit as a school to Arley Hall is free of charge!