Who we are

Over the past 11 years, Artis has been physicalising the curriculum through the performing arts, providing magical learning experiences that help children to achieve and schools to raise standards. Our highly trained arts educators, known as Artis Specialists, work in schools across the country to boost achievement, improve speaking & listening skills and build confidence and self-esteem. Artis sessions are simply the best in-class field trips children will ever have.

What we do

Artis works in partnership with schools to bring ‘oomph’ and magic to their curriculum, out of school activities and professional development sessions. We believe children learn best when they are having an enjoyable experience that stretches the boundaries of their minds. We create a bespoke programme around curriculum needs so children’s imaginative thinking relates directly to their classroom learning.

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Free Demonstration

Artis are offering schools the chance to bring 'oomph' and magic to the curriculum with a free demo...


Bexton Primary School- Testimonial- Acting Deputy Head

"At Bexton Primary School we have been lucky enough to work with Artis this year. We first saw them working in a local primary school and were impressed with the quality of teaching and the engagement of the children. As a school we felt a partnership with Artis would help us to further develop speaking and listening skills throughout our EYFS and Key Stage 1 department. So far we have been thrilled with the outcomes! Sprinkle (our Artis specialist) has worked collaboratively with our teachers to plan and deliver learning opportunities linked to the wider curriculum. The teachers have taken part in the sessions as an additional form of CPD but we know Sprinkle would be also excellent to do this as alternative to PPA cover. In the sessions the children are mesmerised by Sprinkle and have followed her lead, developing their not only their speaking and listening skills, but also their confidence and self-esteem. Parents have had the opportunity to share this experience through regular performances and the feedback from parents has been extremely positive. We wouldn't hesitate to recommend working with Artis and have been very satisfied with the provision right from day one."

Monks Coppenhall Academy- Testimonial- Principal

"The children at Monks Coppenhall Academy are thoroughly enjoying working with Swish. It gives them all the opportunity to express themselves and have great fun. We have seen a significant impact on the development of vocabulary for our children with English as an Additional Language. Children who previously lacked self-esteem are developing more confidence through these drama sessions. Children are more prepared to take risks and have a go. Children have the opportunity to orally rehearse, compose and edit work. We have also seen evidence of children transferring the skills into their writing. There are many opportunities for the development of teamwork and co-operation within the sessions, Children are also given opportunities to reflect on their own performances and the performances of others. There are many opportunities for creative thinking and developing an understanding of emotions. Children have also had chance to demonstrate resilience and feel valued. These sessions have been very inclusive and met the needs of all pupils. Swish has become an integral part of the Monks Coppenhall team. She works closely with staff to link the learning objective the English curriculum. It is wonderful CPD for staff, they have commented on the many aspects of the lessons observed, which are now impacting on their own practice. There is also a useful assessment tool to track the children’s progress. "

CPD for Staff

Artis Impact

Artis Impact…workshops & mentoring for developing creative teaching skills. Artis Impact is an extensive professional development suite that develops teaching skills through the use of the arts.

Learning Resources

Creativity takes courage: Artis in South Korea

Prominently displayed on the tote bags and notebooks distributed to participants during Artis’ recent five-day teacher training in South Korea, no truer statement could be made about our work together.

Woohoo’s Celebration Day

By Artis Specialist Andrea Beed (Twizzle) On Sunday 18 September, we held a very special day to pay tribute to our much missed friend and gifted Artis Specialist Deborah Barber-Jones (Woohoo).