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Who we are

Astley Hall is a museum and art gallery in a grade 1 Elizabethan historic house and provides an opportunity for pupils to role play and experience life in both Tudor and Victorian times in a grand family home. There are a variety of sessions that offer a good mix of object-handling, role play and creative learning. Pupils can contrast the life of a domestic servant with that of the families of Astley Hall as well as learning through games and ‘Servant Top Trumps’. The Hall comes alive at Christmas as pupils can join in with the festivities, in the kitchen and in the drawing room with games and songs. The Hall is well known for its stunning ceilings and encompasses four wings set around a central courtyard. It is set in the beautiful surroundings of the park with vast grounds, a lake, and walled garden. It’s a full day’s experience for schools and includes an Activity Space for lunch and ‘hands-on’ afternoon sessions.