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Brougham Castle was founded in the early 13th Century. The castle was a prestigious residence and a formidable barrier against Scots invaders. The castle is now in ruin but the great keep survives amid many later buildings. A complex of passages, spiral stairways, panoramic views from the castle keep and its situation next to the River Eamont make the castle a fascinating place to explore. The Castle also has an exhibition about Lady Anne Clifford. A visit to the castle is an ideal way for schools to explore History in Medieval times. In particular students can use Historic enquiry skills to investigate the defensive attributes of the castle’s structure and setting as well as find clues which reveal the four phases of building on the site. The site provides students with an opportunity to imagine history in its real setting and as such is an ideal setting for drama and role play activities. The site is mainly suitable for KS2 activities but could be used by other pupils. There is a wet weather shelter on the site, toilets, shop, picnic area and coach parking. English Heritage has an Information Pack for Teachers which provides historical background information and a range of activity ideas for use in the classroom and on site. http://www.english-heritage.org.uk/publications/brougham-castle-info-for-teachers/ English Heritage also have a lovely fun activity kit for KS1 and KS 2 teachers about investigating castles by looking at holes “Castles- The Hole Story” which would be ideal for use at Brougham Castle: http://www.english-heritage.org.uk/content/publications/publicationsNew/education/castles-hole-story-tk/Holes_TK_Orange2.pdf