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Who we are

Chester Cathedral offers children and young people the opportunity to visit a fantastic historic building, explore its varied architecture through creative activities, learn about its significance to the history of the City of Chester and engage with the contemporary world of religion and ethics through debates and special events throughout the year. The heritage of the Cathedral stretches back to its beginnings as a Norman Monastery, through its time as the small Church of St. Werburgh before becoming Chester’s Cathedral and the many alterations, additions and renovations mean that it is a building through which a wide variety of different architectural history can be appreciated. Chester Cathedral’s education offer encompasses all ages from Early Years to Key Stage Four and above. Children and young people visiting Chester Cathedral can participate in themed tours focussing on themes such as art and architecture, the history of the building and the life of the monks who lived there and why people still make pilgrimages to Chester. There are also workshops available in Monastic Life, Exploring Stained Glass Windows, Icon design and looking at wooden carvings. Many of these workshops are cross-curricular and contain opportunities for groups to make items to take back with them. As well as these workshops, events are held throughout the year to explore particular themes such as ‘Pilgrim Days’. There are also events to enable older young people to engage with issues and debates around contemporary religion and ethics.