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Who we are

Dreamtime Aboriginal Workshops have been providing Aboriginal art and storytelling workshops in schools, communities and festivals for 15 years. The workshops are delivered by group of experienced and professional artists/workshop leaders led by Stephen Rowley. The key workshops we offer are: • Aboriginal story-painting – using the dot painting technique • Animal painting • Animal sculpture • Storytelling/drama Story-painting is by far the most popular of these, combining the storytelling with dot painting techniques to produce BIG paintings that represent time and space to tell the ancient Dreamtime stories about the origins of the Aboriginal world. These workshops are unique and developed by us to meet the needs of the art and culture aspects of the curriculum in an exciting and challenging way. The lead artist has worked aboriginal storytellers and artists. He brings real artefacts and personal experience into the session and the participants get physically involved in the stories, before working in groups to produce the paintings. We provide variants of the workshops suitable for KS1, KS2, KS3, GCSE and adults.