Who we are

Dynamic New Animation (DNA) is a puppetry and visual theatre company devoted to the promotion of puppetry as an art form through performance, educational workshops and development work. The creative team are experienced both in creating performances and performing in shows created by other puppetry or visual theatre companies. They present visually stimulating, accessible and entertaining performances that encourage audiences of all ages to live happier, healthier and more productive lives with a strong sense of wellbeing and empowerment. In addition to performance, DNA offer a wide range of participatory activities, performances and experiences for schools and they have a strong history of working in education using puppetry as a creative tool for teaching and learning. DNA draw on traditional tales in their work with children and puppetry in story telling can be used across the curriculum for a variety of themes including - Literacy - poetry, Shakespeare, script writing. Personal & Social Education - bullying, safety, sex & relationships. Multicultural Celebrations - religious festivals, creation myths and traditional folk tales