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At almost a mile long, Stockport’s World War Two Air Raid Shelters are the largest purpose built underground shelters in the UK. Carved into the natural sandstone beneath the town centre, they were used extensively between 1940 and 1943 and have now been imaginatively restored using primary sources. A learning experience in a unique site, steeped in the history of the people who sheltered there at the time, makes for an unparalleled and memorable day. Sessions are available for KS2 and 3 and their flexible, hands-on approach ensures that every visit is tailored to your specific needs, including those of SEN pupils. Popular sessions include; • Living History Days (KS2): It’s 1940 and your school has been evacuated to Stockport for safety! Pupils play the role of evacuees and will meet characters from the past as they learn how to cope with life in war torn Britain. A very hands-on day which includes Air Raid Precautions, Rationing, Make do and Mend – as well as plenty of singing! • Shelters Experience (KS2&3/4): Spend the morning in the shelters and find out about life on the Home Front as well as discovering more about the tunnels themselves. A flexible session which can be adapted to meet the needs of any group and an excellent way of enhancing classroom work on this topic. Key Stage 3 and 4 groups may choose to explore some of the unlit tunnels. • Wartime Britain (KS2): This session explores life on the Home Front from today’s perspective and allows comparisons with and discussions about life in modern wartime. Pupils experience a range of hands on activities. • Wartime Britain (KS3): As above but with a greater emphasis on the use of primary sources and an opportunity for pupils to question and talk to a 1940s character in the “Hot Seat”.