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Come and find out more about one of Bolton's best-loved sons, Fred Dibnah MBE, in his atmospheric former home and extensive worksite. Fred was awarded a BAFTA for his television series and is still an icon to hundreds of thousands of people around the world. This heritage centre offers a unique view into Fred’s personal and professional life and holds some interesting discoveries including the Victorian architecture and history of the house itself. Fred’s house was built in 1854 and was owned by the Earl of Bradford, a fascinating man in his own right, and the house has been kept just as Fred had it, giving an insight into what a Victorian cottage looked like, complete with living coal fires. At the centre you can see many of Fred’s work tools, several of which were made by Fred himself using the Victorian machines on site. This site is considered to be one of the only completely steam powered work yards left in the UK. The heritage centre welcomes school groups of all ages and can accommodate 30 visitors. The friendly staff, who are passionate experts, offer a guided tour of the grounds, workshops and machinery collected by Fred over his working life. The tour can be tailored directly to your group’s needs and is intended to be interactive, hands on and full of humorous stories about Fred and his team.