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County Police Office
Arply Street

Who we are

The Museum of Policing in Cheshire is housed within a working police station, in fact the longest surviving original Victorian Police Station in Cheshire! The Museum of Policing offers the unique experience of travelling through time, from the working police station of today, through a TARDIS Police Box and into the Victorian Street. In the Museum itself, visitors can learn all about the history of the police from Robert Peel up to the present day. There are also exhibits linking the history of police to the history of Cheshire as a whole. There are plenty of hand-on activities, costumes to try on and artefacts to handle as well as a decommissioned police car to have a pretend ride in. The Museum of Policing can accommodate school and youth groups from Key Stage One upwards for a guided tour of the museum and the opportunity to handle the costumes and artefacts on display. There is a restriction on the amount of visitors that the setting can accommodate, so a maximum of 20 people are allowed in the museum at any one time.